Make Someone’s Life Brighter

Dear Friend,

Oh, how I wish you could see and hear what I witness every day at St. Francis House – especially during this season! You would be delighted to see how your contributions are helping those who are truly in need, day after day.

Just last week, as I wandered through the clothing bank store and warehouse, I found myself (once again!) in awe of the generosity of people like you. The clothing bank isles are filled with gifts for Christmas, hats and gloves for the children, and warm coats and clothing for the adults. I begin to think about all the families that will be blessed this year by receiving these wonderful gifts you have provided. I’m so thankful that St. Francis House is able to be your channel of light and hope for families that come to us for help.

I also begin to think about the families I’ve met recently that are deeply struggling. One family in particular is Greta’s family. She’s a single mom of two young girls, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her travels back and forth to Seattle for treatment have almost wiped out all of her sick leave and she can’t afford not to work. She’s overwhelmed with medical bills and constantly worries about her children’s future. With your contributions, St. Francis House has been able to help Greta with gas vouchers, food, clothing and Christmas gifts for her children. However, I fear in the near future, Greta and her girls will need more support.

Your gift today will allow us to continue to support Greta and families like Greta, who are facing challenging times in their lives. Together, we have the ability to instill hope and light into the hearts of those who are frightened, discouraged and desperate.

In this season of giving, will you join us in spreading hope to those in need in our community? Your generous gift of $50, $100 or more can make it possible for us to continue to be here for the families we serve, creating a channel through which your goodness can flow.

We thank you in advance for your kindness. May you approach 2016 with a smile in your heart, knowing that you have touched many families like Greta’s and made their lives more bright and hopeful.


Sister Pat Michalek, OSF
Executive Director

P.S. Your kind gift this season will be put to work immediately! We are honored to be serving our community alongside you and thank you again for your life-changing contributions.

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