“I’m graduating!”

“I’m supposed to renew my registration card today, but instead I’m here to let you know I’ve graduated from St. Francis House and to say THANK YOU,” said Abigail proudly.

In 2014, Abigail found herself abandoned and left with nothing. This was the first time in her adult life that she had to figure out how to make it on her own. She came to St. Francis House feeling hopeless and uncertain of how she was going to survive.

St. Francis House helped Abigail with food, clothing, and connections to housing and continuing education programs. In the years following, Abigail found part-time employment, enrolled in school, and even got into her first apartment. St. Francis House was able to help her set up her new place with donated furniture and household items.

When she came to visit us last month and announced her “graduation”, she shared the news of her full-time management position. She also expressed her gratitude for all that St. Francis House was able to assist with during her struggle for independence.

“I didn’t think I could take care of myself and I was so nervous. St. Francis House helped me with so many things, but most importantly with kindness and encouragement. Now, I’m in a place where I can help others. Thank you!”

Amy’s Story

Amy stood quietly in the hallway of the administrative wing.  Handing her ticket for a ham dinner to the staff member who greeted her, her eyes filled with tears.  “My children are going to have a wonderful Christmas this year because of all of you,” she said.  “They are going to love the gifts IContinue Reading

Will you join us in keeping the Christmas miracle alive?

Dear friend, You would surely love being an elf perched on a shelf in the clothing bank!  Your awareness of the struggles faced by ordinary people in the community would deepen. Your heart would be filled with joy as you watched the many ways people’s lives are touched by your generosity. A perfect opportunity forContinue Reading

Christina and Rick’s Story

For nearly two years, Christina, Rick, and their two school-aged children found themselves homeless and living out of their minivan. “You never think it could be you, then one day it is… and you find yourself looking in the rear view mirror at your family and feeling like such a failure, totally helpless, and allContinue Reading

Kim’s Story

A few weeks ago, Kim, a young single mom of two busy little boys, shared with staff that her car had broken down the week before. It had taken all of her October rent money to get it repaired. She tearfully searched for words to describe her relief that St. Francis House had paid a largeContinue Reading

Jon’s Story

A tantalizing aroma of fried chicken filled the air as Jon held out his plate at the meal being served at the National Guard Armory.  First, the chicken, then a pile of steaming mashed potatoes, then chicken gravy, then buttered peas, then a green salad were loaded onto his plate. His eyes filled with tearsContinue Reading

Justin’s Story

It was a year ago that Justin’s wife had died of a particularly aggressive cancer.  Justin and his two young boys, Chad and Oliver, were doing their best to continue living their lives without her.  Justin held down two part-time jobs; he delivered linens to restaurants and hospitals for 20 hour a week and workedContinue Reading

A Gift Given

June 7, 2016 An older woman just walked into our office and said she’d like to make a cash donation. A staff member gratefully accepted her donation and asked for her name. The woman kindly said she’d like to remain anonymous. “Francis House has helped me a lot over the years. I just want toContinue Reading

Your Generosity Inspires Hope and Love

Earlier this month many of our clothing bank clients were looking for something extra special for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Richard was one of these clients. “I am looking for a special gift for my wife,” he explained to a volunteer.  “We have had a hard year because of my hours being cutContinue Reading

Warm and Safe During the Holidays

Terry and Susan are one of the  many families whose lives are changed because of people like you. We met Terry and Susan, an older couple, at our Evening Meal Program. They come eat with us almost every week night along with their two teenage grandsons that they are raising. Unfortunately, this family was homeless and hadContinue Reading