Amy’s Story

Amy stood quietly in the hallway of the administrative wing.  Handing her ticket for a ham dinner to the staff member who greeted her, her eyes filled with tears.  “My children are going to have a wonderful Christmas this year because of all of you,” she said.  “They are going to love the gifts I found in the clothing bank,” she went on.  “And now we will have ham for Christmas dinner!”

With gentle urging from the staff member, Amy’s story poured out.  “We had to move from our old apartment because of the mold.  The only place we could find that would accept four children was an apartment that costs us $1,300 per month in rent.  Our utilities and other expenses are $300 on top of that.  My husband has been laid off.  I am working two part-time jobs.  We are barely making it, trading off on the bills we have to pay from month to month.”

“We have no extra money for Christmas, but my children will never know.  With these gifts and the dinner, they will think that everything is just like always.  I can’t thank you enough!”