God is on the Move!

Sue, a woman in her late sixties, stopped in at The Nook thinking that it was the Clothing Bank Program at St. Francis House. She was looking for furniture for her new apartment. The Nook volunteers encouraged Sue to go over to St. Francis House for further assistance.

Later that day, Sue visited St. Francis House and was greeted by a staff member. She sat down in the office and began to share her story. She had been living in an old trailer that had no heat, but would be getting keys to an apartment the following day. She was looking for a bed, chair and dresser for her new home, but had no extra money to buy furnishings.

A week before this moment, one of our volunteers mentioned that a friend of hers had furniture she would like to donate, but knowing that St. Francis House no longer accepts furniture, she asked us to keep an eye out for a client who might need it. Our staff member knew that Sue was the perfect match for the furniture!

Arrangements were immediately made to connect Sue with the furniture donor. It turned out that all the things she needed were the items that would be donated to her – a bed, a chair, a dresser and even an end table. And, they would all be delivered to her at her new apartment!

After arrangements were made over the phone, Sue broke into tears, “I had no idea what I was going to do, but I guess God knew all along!”

A Gift of Gratitude Lives On

It was early morning in 2004 and November’s heavy night frost still hung in the air. As Sister Pat hurried past the covered patio outside the clothing bank’s sorting room, she noted that the homeless woman whom she had allowed to sleep there had not yet awakened. Concerned, she approached her to make sure she… Continue Reading

A Full-Circle Moment

Shirley stopped by to donate some clothing one sunny afternoon. During her delivery, a staff member asked how she knew about us. It turned out Shirley has a long history with our programs, and it started out on the receiving end. Shirley became pregnant at an early age of seventeen while attending Puyallup High School.… Continue Reading

Katie’s Story

Lovely, young Katie came to St. Francis House last week seeking financial assistance. The twenty-three year old had just started a new, full-time job at a warehouse, but needed to pay rent before her first paycheck would arrive. She lives in a Section 8 house and has to make her payments on time or risk losing her… Continue Reading

Finding Purpose in this World

Ann came to St. Francis House the summer of 2016 as a homeless client. She was struggling with addiction, and her mother and stepfather – at their wits end – had “dropped” her in Puyallup. The anxiety of being homeless in an unfamiliar city only accelerated her addiction. During this time, she fell in with… Continue Reading

A Christmas Story

Dear Friend, Not long ago, a young woman and her two small daughters stood outside our door in the crisp November coolness. We recognized her immediately as a client who, some months ago, had escaped a domestic violence situation. She smiled bravely when we greeted her, but the quaver in her voice betrayed her stress.… Continue Reading

Jeff’s Story

Jeff appeared in the St. Francis House clothing bank one summer afternoon.  He looked tired and dark circles had settled under his eyes.  “Do you have an extra sleeping bag?” he asked.  “And would you happen to have a small cd player with ear phones?” As the staff scoured the clothing bank for what Jeff… Continue Reading

Rebecca’s Gift

Rebecca, a seventeen year-old daughter of one of our registered clients, walked into the registration office with a platter filled of homemade cherry tarts. “I made these for the staff and volunteers as a thank you gift for all you’ve done for my family,” said Rebecca. Rebecca is a junior at Spanaway Lake High School… Continue Reading

A Special Note

This special note came from a past client. We hope this shows you the wonderful impact your gift makes on people’s lives. “My heart is so full of gratitude to you for carrying on your family’s programs to help the less fortunate. I have been on the receiving end of those services most recently and… Continue Reading

Susan’s Story

Susan was overwhelmed and exhausted. She had come to the clothing bank in search of clothing that would fit her three grandchildren who had been brought to her door unexpectedly the week before. She had been scrambling to adjust her life and her finances to accommodate their needs. “All of their clothes are too small… Continue Reading