Miracle Makers’ Society

Miracle Makers’ Society

Since 1974, St. Francis House has been making a life-changing impact on those in need in East Pierce County. That impact is only made possible because of the generous donors that support the mission.

A special acknowledgement to the Miracle Maker’s Society members who have made a commitment to be a part of the work and family of St. Francis House by becoming a recurring donor and donating monthly to St. Francis House. They are truly the lifeblood of our organization! Their contributions make a huge difference in our ability to respond to those in need in our community, year after year.

You too can join the family of Miracle Makers by making a financial commitment at one of the following levels:

Saints |  $5,000 per year (approximately $417/month)
Archangels | $2,500 per year  (approximately $208/month)
Angels | $1,200 per year  ($100/month)
Cherubs | $600 per year  ($50/month)

If you want to help make an impact, click here to get started! If you would like to speak to someone about membership, please call Patty at (253) 770-6991, Ext. 22.